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Back to School Joy

By Julia Wickes

For SCCS teachers and staff, nothing beats the feeling of seeing our students come up the stairs and into their classrooms again for the first time after a long summer break. Our building is full of life again! We welcomed many new and returning families in our largest incoming class to date– 190 students. This first week has been a joyful re-entry into new and old routines, remembering good habits, caring for one another, and jumping back into the love of learning. Here are a few snapshots of our first week of school.


Ms. Beth’s PreK-4 class has their first art lesson of the year with Ms. Emily.


The first of many group meetings for SCCS middle schoolers.


Beautiful weather and fresh sand in the sandbox for the year’s first recess.


Wiggle time for Ms. Katelyn’s first graders.


Ms. Beth’s second graders getting acquainted with their new classroom.


First day of school smiles.


Ms. Abby’s kindergartners touring the school and getting to know Mr. Treadwell, our new head of school.