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Nature journaling at SCCS: not just a quaint pastime

At SCCS each child from kindergarten on receives a small notebook with stiff covers and high quality paper. This will serve as a nature journal and follow them from grade to grade for as long as they are at our school. A notebook containing watercolor sketches of dandelions and acorns may evoke an image of something quaint from yesteryear, like a Victorian picnic–charming, but not particularly relevant or serving any real purpose. The truth is that nature journaling is full of pedagogical value. When children attempt to replicate an object from nature they must exercise their powers of observation and concentration. Their drawing must mirror the true size and scale of the object, and they must experiment with mixing colors to replicate the real colors of that object. The close... Read More

New Blog, New Window into SCCS

If you have been inside South City Community School, you know that, like many old brick buildings around St. Louis, our rooms are spacious, our ceilings are high, and our windows are big. They look out over rooftops and past alleyways. To the east they afford a glimpse into the beautiful Tower Grove Park along Kingshighway. The teachers and children who spend their days in these rooms are lucky to have the natural light as well as an elevated view of the surrounding urban landscape. Our windows, incidentally, make a convenient portal for shaking out the crumbs from tablecloths after lunch (you might have seen one flapping in the trusty grip of a second grade lunch helper). As a member of staff and parent of two SCCS children, I enjoy... Read More